2005 Tiptree Awards Announced

Debbie says:

The 2005 Tiptree Award goes to:

Air: Or, Have Not Have by Geoff Ryman

The award is given every year to the work or works of science fiction and fantasy that best explore and expand our ideas of gender. I’m the chair of the award Motherboard.

The short listed works are:

Willful Creatures by Aimee Bender (Doubleday 2005)
“Wooden Bride” by Margot Lanagan (in Black Juice, Eos 2005)
“Little Faces” by Vonda N. McIntyre, on SciFiction, 02.23.05
A Brother’s Price by Wen Spencer (Roc 2005)
Misfortune by Wesley Stace (Little, Brown 2005)
Remains by Mark Tiedemann (Benbella Books 2005)

The jurors were Liz Henry, Nike Bourke, Matt Ruff, and Georgie Schnobrich (Hiromi Goto had to drop out mid-year because of family obligations.

The award will be presented at WisCon 30, and Ryman will attend.

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