Debbie says:

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to Woolf Camp, in effect a feminist blogging retreat at the home of the marvelous Grace Davis in Santa Cruz. This is a spinoff of last year’s BlogHer conference, which I missed. I expect Laurie and I will both be at next year’s in San Jose.

We’ve crammed almost thirty people into Grace’s lovely home in the eucalyptus grove. We switch back and forth from being structured and organized to just hanging out and talking. Yesterday’s workshops included “who is your audience,” a drawing session, and a tech tools session, as well as an absolutely kick-ass poetry reading in the evening.

Today, we’ll be talking more about how much of ourselves we put out on our blogs, about the intersections of blogging and commerce, more tech, “critical analysis through spontaneous dancing,” and more general conversation.

Watch this space for more details; I’ll probably be more coherent about what I’m getting out of the weekend once I’m a day or two away from the experience itself. Meanwhile, I wish Laurie (and so many of you) were here with me.

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