Intercultural Calligraphy

Trinker points out Xu Bing’s “square word calligraphy.” These beautiful examples of words as visual art that cross language and culture both is and isn’t exactly what it looks like: there’s a lot more there than you can see with a glance.


Xu Bing is a Chinese artist living in the United States, and a Macarthur fellow. Laurie and Debbie say “Check it out.”

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3 thoughts on “Intercultural Calligraphy

  1. There may be more visual puns in those elegant brushstrokes for the bilingual. For some reason this reminds me of the jackets and backpacks you see in Japan with English words selected and combined for the shape of of the letters, with any meaning being accidental. One that stuck in my memory, “Happy Pimple” has a sort of carefree air to it when all meanings are discarded.

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