A Handful of Links

This excellent
guide for fat girls dealing with doctors was published last August, and is unfortunately timeless.

We would like to think that Pam Noles’ superb essay on racial representation in science fiction and fantasy was not timeless, but so far it more or less has been. Pam is part of the Carl Brandon Society, a terrific group working to change this situation.

Epi_LJ found this amusing link on how to not have your cake and still get to eat it. It just shows that we don’t need to post about Duchamp to find surrealism in modern life. We are perpetually amazed at how creative people get in dealing with shame.

Hanne Blank, fat activist and retired sex advice columnist, comes out of retirement to say a few things about what makes a good sex life. We agree with everything she says, and we would add that using her advice as yet another source of pressure on yourself undoes the value of what she offers.

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