Don’t Use the “R” Word

Alan Bostick was late to Blog Against Racism day, thus pointing out to us that we are later still. But one day is hardly enough for that issue …

Alan points to a superb post by Ampersand, who in turn links to Prometheus 6, a meaty blog we hadn’t come across before. Check out the quote from Prometheus, “Not to put too fine a point on it, but “racist” is the only word that makes white people as crazy as “nigger” makes Black people.” (To which Debbie, while agreeing, also says that in many cases “nigger” makes white people crazier than it does Black people as well.)

But don’t stop there. Read all of Ampersand’s excellent essay, “How Not To Be Insane When Accused Of Racism (A Guide For White People),” surely a candidate for one of the best blog essays of the year.

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