When It Works

One thing that everyone who does social change work gets told over and over again is that your work doesn’t matter, that community building is useless in this world where social control predominates.

Our experience over the last ten years has been really different. We get a lot of evidence for the power of our work, both Women En Large and Familiar Men. Every experience reminds us of how much effect our work has, and how the ripples go out further than we know.

This week, thanks to a connection made by Stef, we got a truly top-notch example, from Pattie Thomas, whose book Taking Up Space will be out this month. Check out her blog, and her book! She does great work, and it really matters.

1 thought on “When It Works

  1. Thanks for the kind words (I heard them at just the right time).

    I’ve said this at fattypatties, but I want to say it here. Your work profoundly affected my life. I’m so happy you have this blog and that you shared your sense of beauty with a world than desparately needs to widen its horizons and see the diverse possibilities of human existence.

    Thank you for doing work that matters.

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