Fat Dance that Fits

Laurie says:

The Big Moves sponsored dance concert “Bodies In Motion V: Five Years Running” was great.

And the final dance “….the sum of its parts”, choreographed by Chris Black knocked me out.

The piece was made for the physicality of fat women’s bodies and utilized the dancers’ strengths beautifully. The choreography was interestingly made with great use of the space. Black really understood the ways in which fat bodies move differently from thin ones and she used this understanding to make a truly original work. This is particularly impressive since she was working in previously unfamiliar territory.

The dancers, Jessica Judd, Diane Russell, and Laura Malouf-Renning, performed beautifully. “…the sum of its parts” is a charming and funny dance and their presence in that mood was great.

The costumes fitted closely in the tradition modern dance style and (like the Galliano designs) really suited the women’s bodies.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s concert.