Fat Fun in the Sun!

From the vivacious and committed Marilyn Wann, author of Fat!So? and NAAFA activism chair, sends us the following:

The American Society of Bariatric Surgeons (aka, Stomach Thieves) is holding its 4th annual ‘Walk from “Obesity”‘ in 60 cities, including San Francisco.

Will you help respond to this atrocious event with joy, fun, fitness, and fat/size-diverse pride!?! Everyone is welcome!

Info about how the surgeons use surgery survivors for shameless self-promotion (while they claim to help end fat discrimination in the process!?!) is here.

You’re invited to…Fat Fun in the Sun!*

WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 24, from 9:30am-11am
WHERE: Crissy Field in San Francisco (see directions/map below)
WHAT: aerobics, yoga, dance, frisbee, kite-flying, beachball, volleyball, all-abilities outdoor fun & more!

* If there’s no sun, you still win! I’m offering a free, home-made cookie in case of fog.

There’ll definitely be media coverage (including a BBC documentary!). The location has plenty of free parking on the street directly adjacent to where we’ll be, is wheelchair accessible, and has plenty of size-friendly seating.

Directions are here.