Altar Barbie: The Exhibition

Sorry this is a little late. We waited til we could post the photos of the

Putting the Altar Barbie together at the exhibition took Deb and me forever and we were really happy with the results.

The different of kinds images and sculptures really flowed together. Placing things on the Altar turned out to be so precise that even the individual rose petals are attached to the cloth so they’ll stay where we want them to be.

Please note when you check out the photos of the Altar that the sheep is tucked in Barbie’s boa. And I did need all 20 yards of the pink ribbon.

The Altered Barbie Opening was great and Altar Barbie was really appreciated. Literally hundreds of people showed up. (The show was pick of the week in the San Francisco Chronicle.)

The crowd was really mixed – artists, hipsters, Barbie fans, political people and lots of people who don’t usually come to art openings. I really loved that. Barbie clearly cuts across lots of lines of class, color, age etc.

Jill Lee (the curator) draped the large industrial space with swaths of pink drapery and lots of boas. She made a really cohesive “Barbie” environment for the art. I particularly loved the two church kneelers draped in shocking pink boas.

The art included a marvelous Barbie chandelier, a circus installation with flying purple Barbies above a Ken ringmaster, who is standing on a pile of Barbies in skull masks, a black and white photo of Barbie smoking, and a series of four photographs of Lon Chaney Barbies. The show is huge: 47 artists are represented.

The Altar Barbie will be up until 8/29. Hours for Red Ink Studio (989 Market) are Wed, Fri., Sat. 12-4 and Thurs. 2-8.

So, now that I’ve made my first exhibition Altar, I’m already thinking about the possibilities of another.