What’s On Barbie’s Altar?

So what’s on Barbie’s altar so far?

silk and dried roses
a fat woman porcelain sculpture in period black lingerie
three cherubs that I bought in a Xmas-carol-filled market in Kyoto in 2002
a tile of three fat women playing cards in their underwear
a small toy giraffe
a photograph of my god-daughter
a small “ground bloom flowers” firework
a 1950s gold necklace with a large gold crown at the bottom
two Slavic or Russian-style icons of the Madonna
an antique faceted glass decanter top that was my grandmother’s
a picture of Max from Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are
a business card from a Finnish sex research scholar that uses a fragment of one of my pictures as background
a nude postcard photograph of my nephew from a performance announcement
a fat woman pin given to me by a fabulous feminist nun in San Antonio.

I’m going Altar shopping tomorrow – watch this space.