One of the Great Comebacks …

I haven’t heard a smart-ass answer this good since Fat Lip Readers Theatre stopped performing several years ago.

Thanks to Lynn Kendall for the pointer.


2 thoughts on “One of the Great Comebacks …

  1. I dunno.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really funny line. A great comeback.

    But the writer also seemed to focus on how the man was physically gross to her – clearly she disliked that he had a potbelly and hairy hands. If the guy had been thin and less hairy, would it have somehow been more acceptable for him to be an asshole?

  2. I agree with this … just about halfway.

    Yes, it should be an identical experience if he looked like a movie star.

    And also yes, it’s somehow more irritating and frustrating when they’re getting on your case for stuff that visibly and unequivocally applies to them, and they’re not acknowledging it. A little bit like watching Camille Paglia criticize feminists for wanting visibility and power in a male world: actually, of course, it’s just as bad when men make that criticism, and the extra level of cluelessness inherent in it coming from a visible and powerful woman is still a factor.

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