June Wrap-Up

The biggest thing that we did together in June, of course, was start this blog! Neither of us really knew how much we were going to enjoy writing together, or just how much we’d look forward to your comments and feedback.

Laurie: “Jose Ramon Lerma came to lunch and we spent a lovely afternoon. I first met Jose when he bought two of my photographs at the Chatterbox Gallery exhbition. Then I traded more photos for one of his acrylic paintings. Jose is a very well-regarded abstract painter ( he works marvelously in other styles as well) whose new work really knocks me out. He has been on the California art scene since the 40’s. He knew many of the photographers I admire, and tells me wonderful stories about Imogen Cunningham. It’s also great for me to know someone who is passionately doing new work in his mid- 70’s.”

Laurie’s never-before-exhibited new diptych nude portrait of Marlene Hoeber was in the transgender “Fresh Meat in the Gallery” exhibition at San Francisco’s ODC Gallery in June. Laurie also went to one showing of the four-evening transgender performances. Laurie: “I especially thought Scott Turner Schofield’s “Debutante’s Ball” was fabulous.”

We’ll let you know when Marlene’s portrait goes up on the website.

Debbie is putting together The James Tiptree Award Anthology 2, coming before the end of this year from Tachyon Publications. The Tiptree Award is given every year to the work of science fiction or fantasy that best “explores or expands gender,” and Debbie is the chair of the award’s Motherboard. She’s taking off tomorrow for Boston for the annual Tiptree Award ceremony, and will blog from Boston over the weekend.

Jill Lee, curator of the Chatterbox Gallery, where she exhibited our work, brought the Women of Japan project to Shanghai last March. Now she is planning a trip to China and Vietnam as the Curator of the State of California for Asia. Her mission is to create a crosscultural exchange through a diversity of artistic expressions, bringing emerging and established artists across the ocean to exhibit their work, host workshops or seminars, and participate in artist and community interchanges in the USA and Asia. We expect to be involved in this work going further.

Richard Dutcher teaches at the Oakland Community Day School, a small alternative school “of last resort.” The school is in the Oakland Hills, in a very pretty setting except for the cyclone fencing. Half the kids have parole officers. Laurie went to their award day, where kids were recognized for being dauntless, persistent, and inquisitive, among many other characteristics. Laurie: “I had a great afternoon! The students presented science projects, danced, and performed short theatre pieces. I may be teaching belly dancing there next year.”

Professor Rebecca Jennison is both a model and an active participant in the Women of Japan project. You can see her picture (soaking in the hot tub) here. Becky spoke at Womens’ World 2005 in Seoul, Korea. She spoke about Women of Japan and showed slides. Between this presentation and Jill Lee’s work, Women of Japan reached both China and Korea. Several other women involved in the Women of Japan project also presented.

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  1. Hello- I am writing a book about a painter named Jean Varda who lived on a houseboat in Sausalito from about 1949-1970. This project is being done in cooperation with the Varda family. Jose Ramon Lerma, who you mention in your blog, apparently studied with Varda at the San Francisco Art Institute, in the early 1950s. I am trying to track down artists who are in a position to speak of their opinion of Varda as a teacher and an artist, and Lerma sounds like a good candidate. Unfortunately I have been unable to find contact information for him. I would be very grateful if you would either provide me with contact information for Lerma or forward on my email and ask him to contact me at estroman@pacbell.net or 415-331-1464. Thank you very much. Betsy Stroman

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