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Beth Gwinn: Dream Project

Laurie says:

My friend Beth Gwinn has spent her professional life taking superb photographs of writers and performers. Now she has a portrait book project, and she’s doing a kickstarter.


Science Fiction and Fantasy writer Neil Gaiman

I’m Beth Gwinn and I have been a professional photographer since 1980.  My life has been a unique photographic journey, passion directing where my lens pointed. Photography, music, and Science Fiction/Fantasy have been my principal Interests.  In 2000 I published a book called “DARK DREAMERS” about influential people in the Horror genre, which consisted of exclusive large-format photos taken by yours truly and original interviews by Stanley Wiater.  Now my dream is to produce a similar book, about significant people in the area of the Fantastic- authors, artists, producers, directors and others.

Publishing has changed quite a bit since 2000.  That is why I am launching a kickstarter.  I have spoken to three publishers about this project, but publishers today, although interested, none is able to afford the funding needed to get it off the ground. That is why I am launching a kickstarter.


Science fiction writer Fred Pohl

……This is a dream project for me.  Literally years in the making.  Ever since I first read comics and Fantasy stories I have had a deep love for the richness of the field’s visions, for its imaginative depth.  I see Science Fiction as Dreaming of the Future; we dream,we move into the future, and dream again.  My goal is to raise $35,000 to fund the travel needed to take new photographs, and to assemble and edit any originals from my files, and pay the writer who will conduct the interviews with today’s visionaries of the fantastic.  Contributions of all sizes will make a difference.  Please help me to dream this dream



MacArthur award winning science fiction writer Octavia Butler


Science fiction writer Pat Cadigan


Beth will make a stunning book.

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  1. Thank you for picking this up! I’ve done what I could think of to boost the signal myself, but I don’t have a big audience. Like you, I think that a book like this from Beth’s photos would be stunning.

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