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The Half-Drag Project

Laurie says:

Leland Bobbé‘s Half Drag project is a remarkable commentary on gender. It’s interesting because it’s an idea that could have been simply clever and possibly shocking, but the quality of the portraits makes it something far more profound and challenging. When I take a portrait I want to the work to have a sense of who the person is.  I feel that Bobbé’s portraits give the viewer that sense in complex ways.


He says that The.. Half -Drag project sprang from his work with Neo Burlesque. ‘My intention with Half-Drag is to capture both the male and the alter-ego female side of these subjects in one image.’


It’s really worth looking at the whole slide show.


One Response to “The Half-Drag Project”

  1. Lynne Murray says:

    Thanks for giving the link to the entire fascinating sequence. At the risk of displaying my own struggle in holding two opposing images at once, I have to report that I had an almost literally tactile urge–to which I surrendered–to put up a hand at each slide and alternately to cover each half in turn so I could consider each half as if it were presented as a whole. For some images I went back and forth a few times before considering the two juxtaposed images. This gave the slides a time lapse quality for me. I can’t remember another series of images that had that effect on me, so it was a highly thought-provoking work of art.

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