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New Years Revolutions

Lynne Murray says:

A New Year’s Revolution is in the works (no, not wrestling pay-per-view or Myspace folk/indie/punk singles–I guess there are a few revolutions going on for the holiday). This particular celebration aims to proclaim body-positive goals to replace the body-bashing shamefest of weight loss goals that stir up clouds of anxiety to start the new year.

Health at Any Size: Join the Revolution logo

A group of Health at Every Size advocates led by the irrepressible Marilyn Wann are planning New Year’s Revolutionary social networking actions such as changing Facebook and Twitter pictures to various body positive images and posting some ways to enjoy the new year in the body you have as it is right now. Check out the beautiful resource page for the project (as mentioned in the logo above): Amanda Evans put together much of the content, Pattie Thomas created and polished the blog and Amanda Levitt of Communications of a Fat Waitress and Love Your Body Detroit created the awesome,wonderful HAES logo image. You too can change your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking icons to this logo: Marilyn Wann and I and many others are.

I love the idea of positive goals and for my own contribution I’m going to post a snippet about a different fat positive novel or short story collection every day in January on my Live Journal, Facebook and Twitter .
(I’ve got more than a few in mind already).

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  2. Lynne Murray says:

    I just had an insight which qualifies as a New Year’s Revoluionary insight. I’ll probably mention it elsewhere, but it was kind of sparked here by my Comments dialog with Cameron that followed the post about the “Before” Person and the “After” Person. It was just two words, but I heard myself echo them again this morning. In the comment in passing I mentioned that Kelly Bliss and Lynn McAfee’s Superfit seated exercise tape was helpful to me as someone with “bad knees.”

    I heard myself say I had bad knees this morning and considered that the phrase suggests that part of my body is purposely misbehaving. The reality is that the injuries and arthritis my knees have endured over the years make it painful to walk and impossible to do many things I used to do without thinking, like kneel or get up off the floor. I’ve been adding insult to injury of my knees, and one New Year’s Revolutionary action I mean to take is to stop that and look for even more nurturing, strengthening things I can do for/with my knees!

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