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Body Image in Brief

Laurie says:

I’m back from my trip and more or less recovered.

I’ve been meaning to put this up this Get Fuzzy for a while. It says more about body image politics in 3 panels then many, many articles I’ve read.

Get Fuzzy

I love it.

On another note Carrie Fisher has an impressive rant directed at the vicious comments about her looks..

You see, I was hot when most people are hot—- in my fucking 20’s & part of my 30’s……THEN, in an effort to imitate humans, I had a child &, to further maintain my life like disguise, I took medications for about 9 thousand years, &, despite all my efforts, I continued to get older & older——inadvertently, I assure you———-I tried to arrest my development physically as WELL as emotionally, but unfortunately without as much success. I also must confess that I ate food. I’m sorry….. I realize that I promised never to eat anything but lettuce & sun flower seeds, but tragically, I was unable to keep my promise.

And she concludes by telling her critics to:


6 Responses to “Body Image in Brief”

  1. Lynne Murray says:

    A New Yorker cartoon I liked a lot (and lost so I don’t have the creator’s name) shows a man sitting on the metal table in the paper gown while the doctor looks at his file and says, “I see here you’re 57 years old. We’d like to get that down a bit.”

  2. You know, I’d be more impressed with the Carrie Fisher rant if she hadn’t gotten snarky that people might compare her to “Elton or Kirstie” (Alley, presumably.)

    In other words, she’s offended that someone might call her fat, as opposed to those gross people over there who really are fat.

    Yeah, I’m not feeling the love.

  3. Laurie Toby Edison says:


    I completely agree I thought it was problematical but liked the bits I quoted.

  4. Laurie says:


    I love the cartoon. Certainly, we live in a world that insists that we could get younger if we would only try harder and spend more.

    It’s why i liked Carried Fishers comment “despite all my efforts, I continued to get older & older——inadvertently, I assure you—”

  5. Lynne Murray says:

    Thanks, Lynn for letting me know whose New Yorker cartoon! funny how I remembered the dialog taking place on the cold metal table–LOL!

    Laurie, I’m trying to imagine what it would be like to live in a culture where age was revered, and people looked forward to being as wise this or that old person.

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