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Cat Armor!

Laurie says:

It’s good to be back. I got to visit spring in Seattle with all its delicate greens, have a lovely Norwescon and visit with friends. And my ammonite found a good home. My daughter Shayin pointed me at these amazing pieces of cat armor by Jeff de Boer:

persian cat armor with red sash

side view of cat armor

Jeff de Boer is a Calgary-based multi-media artist with an international reputation for producing some of the world’s most original and well-crafted works of art. With an emphasis on metal, he is best known for such bodies of work as suits of armor for cats and mice, armour ties and sword-handled briefcases, rocket lamps and pop culture ray guns, and exquisite high art, abstract works called exoforms.”

And check out this samurai cat.

Spend some serious time on his site. The quality and sensibility of his work is remarkable.

4 Responses to “Cat Armor!”

  1. Patia says:

    I got to see some of his work on display at a gallery in Banff years ago. It was astonishingly wonderful.

  2. laurie toby edison says:


    I really envy you. I’d love to see original work

  3. Debbie says:

    I love these! I especially love the way I can see the cats in the armor, even though they’re not physically there.

  4. Patia says:

    It’s too bad his website doesn’t list museums and galleries where his work is on display.

    Thanks for reminding me of his work! I remember now, it was late 2001 when I saw it. I came back and found his website, but had since forgotten about it.

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