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Can I Sit With You?

Laurie says:

The second collection of ” Can I Sit With You? ” stories is just out.

I went to a reading last year of stories from the first volume, and was impressed by the quality of the work, and the way it expressed the loneliness of childhood, with intensity, compassion, and often with humor. It’s edited by Shannon Des Roches Rosa and Jennifer Byde Myers. I’m going to buy the new one, but obviously haven’t read it yet.

Can I Sit With You Too? is the second collection of stories from the Can I Sit With You? project. The stories tell the authors’ social experiences at school, from the good to the the truly awful. The new tales represent an even  wider range of schoolyard experiences then the first book, including best friend disappointments, new kid fears, harsh discrimination, living with disabilities, and emerging sexuality. By sharing moments from kindergarten through high school, these stories once again remind us that we are not alone: chances are, if it happened to you, it happened to someone else, too. The Can I Sit With You? project has been featured on NPR, and in live shows and readings from Seattle’s Annex Theatre to the San Francisco Bay Area’s Book Passage.

I would have loved this book anytime in my childhood. It would definitely have made me feel less alone.  Anyone who found childhood solace in books would appreciate the stories. You’ll probably want to read it to younger children so you can share it with them (some of the stories are quite intense).

Proceeds from this book benefit SEPTAR,  Special Education PTA that Jennifer and Shannon helped found in 2007.  It provides important help to the local special needs community, and provides support, education, and community to families of special needs children.  It’s in  Shannon’s and her son’s hometown of Redwood City.  SEPTAR is a great example of doing powerful effective local work.

The  Can I Sit With You project always welcomes new stories {}, and publishes them weekly online.

The book is available online. It will also be available shortly at, and in-hand at Main Street Coffee Roasting Company  and Canyon Coffee Roastery, both in Redwood City.

Check it out!

3 Responses to “Can I Sit With You?”

  1. Laurie, thanks so much for helping to spread the word. This collection definitely covers more challenging topics than the first, and they aren’t necessarily topics that parents are comfortable knowing that their kids know. You know? Heh.

    Thanks for helping to encourage parental and schoolyard empathy and dialogue.

  2. janet says:

    FYI, your first “canisitwithyou” link is missing a “.”

  3. Laurie says:

    There are now. Thanks

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