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More Great Dance

Laurie says:

There are 2 very exciting dance events coming up soon.

I’ve written about my daughter Cid Pearlman‘s work before, but I’m particularly impressed with her newest work “Firesale”. It’s part of the California Touring Project, appearing at CounterPULSE this week on Friday and Saturday night (April 25 and 26th) at 8PM. I saw Firesale when it played in Santa Cruz, and her take on gender, relationships and bodies is intense, original and deeply moving.

The other choreographers whose works are part of the California Touring Project are Liam Clancy and the Hybrid Authorship Project (Joe Alter, Eric Geiger, Marc Wittmann, Craig Wolf and D.J. Hopkins) of San Diego, and casebolt and smith of Los Angeles.

They “present a collection of dances that navigate the slippery nature of meaning, and gleefully fracture expectations on gender, friendship and collaboration”.

postcard Cid Pearlman Dance

And in May, for Bay Area National Dance Week, Big Moves, the fat dance group, was one of only sixteen chosen out of over three hundred to be a Cornerstone Event. They’ll be teaching four classes on Saturday, May 3rd, belly dance, bollywood, lyric jazz and hip hop, open to folks of all sizes – and it’s free! And there’ll be an informal performance showcase featuring the Phat Fly Girls-West Coast and guests at the end of the day.

Check them out!

2 Responses to “More Great Dance”

  1. Jessica says:

    Thanks so much for the promo, Laurie! However, our event is on Saturday, May 3rd, not the 4th! I just don’t want people to mark the wrong date on their calendars.


    Jessica Judd
    Director, Big Moves Bay Area

  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks, Jessica! I fixed it just now.

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