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Blog Anti-Torture Today

Debbie says:

Over on LiveJournal, ldragoon has declared

Blog Anti-Torture on Friday March 28th

Here at Body Impolitic, and everywhere else in the sane world, every day is anti-torture day. In honor of the named day, however, I remind you of Fernando Botero’s brilliant and deeply upsetting images of Abu Ghraib, which we have blogged about here and here. We don’t like posting the stronger images, because they’re so hard to look at, but here’s a (somewhat) tolerable one. Art is not the answer, but it’s part of the answer.

botero drawing

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  1. Lynne Murray says:

    My photographer friend, Barbara, always looks at the images and later processes the text. She said that when she first saw the photos out of Abu Ghraib–particularly the haunting image of the man in a black hood standing on a block with his arms outstretched,she thought they were out-on-the-edge performance art.

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