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“Serious Symptoms”

Debbie says:

So I’m running errands Thursday night with newsradio on in the car, and the announcer says, “Men with advanced prostate cancer who are treated with a combination of hormones and radiation are encountering serious symptoms, according to a new study.”

Well, I think, “Advanced cancer treatment has serious symptoms; I wonder what could warrant a special report on the news.” I’ve known some men with prostate cancer, so I was curious.

Given the work I do, I should have known. The serious symptoms are reduction in penile length. The radio didn’t say, but the link does, that the length measured is a “stretched penis,” presumably stretched by the patient’s (or the doctor’s?) hand. The radio also didn’t say that the study consisted of 47 subjects. (It also lasted five years, which implies that the patients lived that long.)So it’s a two-fer: junk science and pressure on men (even potentially dying men) to worry about the length of their schlongs.

Has anyone told the doctors that if you’re dead your penis length really doesn’t matter at all?

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6 Responses to ““Serious Symptoms””

  1. Vicki says:

    For that matter, has anyone told the doctors that size really isn’t that important? It’s not even the important question in this context, where I suspect most patients are more concerned with whether they can still get erections than with penis length.

  2. Alan Bostick says:

    Maybe they are trying to tell us that a reduction in penis size is a Fate Worse Than Death….

  3. badgerbag says:

    I’m laughing hysterically & also completely appalled.

  4. Patti says:

    Actually, someone should tell them that their dick shrivels even more when they’re dead.

  5. William says:


    I also hear a lot of men complain about the treatment and significant breast growth and many men on some heart medicines have the same problems.


  6. Rachel says:

    OMG that’s a real winner. I just love the way men’s health problems are constructed and treated.

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