Full Body Symposium in Northampton

Debbie says:

Leonard Nimoy’s Full Body Project book is being published. After 23 years, this book is the first volume (except for a Patricia Schwarz’s book, which was published in Japan and never received wide English-speaking country distribution) to treat the same kinds of subjects as Women En Large. The high-end gallery in New York which handles Nimoy’s work is holding a symposium to celebrate the event.


The special exclusive hour with Nimoy for $150 wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but hey, I’m not a TV star (and neither is Laurie). The rest of it sounds fabulous. The line-up of presenters (times and dates to come) is absolutely stellar, and it sounds like those will be free. You can hear Susan Stinson, Leslea Newman, Lady Monster (all of whom I can personally recommend) and more.

An extra added (and well-deserved) bonus will be a tribute to the late Heather McAllister, whose group, the Fat-Bottom Revue, posed for Nimoy.

If you’re in and around central Massachusetts, check this out. I sure would if I was there. (If you go, let me know what it was like?)

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3 thoughts on “Full Body Symposium in Northampton

  1. I love the idea and apparently I am not alone.
    I noticed that publisher Carrie Leigh who is the Editor in Chief of the finest Fine Art Magazine in the World, Carrie Leigh’s NUDE is featuring an interview and photo layout of Mr. Nimoy’s work in her December Issue. Obviously if the Former First Lady Of Playboy believes that what Leonard Nimoy is spotlighting is important we should all take notice. This could be a turn around for women in our society.

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